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12 Spookiest Halloween TV Episodes

With Oct 31 upon us, watch video of your favorite small-screen characters celebrating the haunted day.

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How I Met Your Mother: ‘Slutty Pumpkin’

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Ted spends most of the sixth episode of How I Met Your Mother’s inaugural season pining for the “Slutty Pumpkin,” his dream woman he met wearing a strategically carved pumpkin costume whom he last saw in 2001. Sadly, lovestruck Ted lost her phone number when his friend Lily gave the Kit Kat on which he had written it to a trick-or-treater. All Ted knows about the mysterious woman is that she likes Star Wars, is a marine biologist who studied penguins, and loves “The Tootsie Roll,” her own alcoholic concoction that combines Kahlúa and root beer. For the past four years, Ted has gone to the same party, dressed as a hanging chad, a reference to the Florida voting controversy in the 2000 presidential election, hoping the “Slutty Pumpkin” will return. Though he thought she did at one point, it was just Barney, dressed as a penguin, making “The Tootsie Roll,” trying to trick him. But this Halloween night, viewers (and Ted) will again see the promiscuous orange vegetable lady, played by guest star Katie Holmes, when How I Met Your Mother’s latest episode, “The Slutty Pumpkin Returns,” airs on CBS at 8.

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