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12 Spookiest Halloween TV Episodes

With Oct 31 upon us, watch video of your favorite small-screen characters celebrating the haunted day.

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The Simpsons: ‘Treehouse of Horror V’

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Though Marge warned at the beginning of The Simpsons’ 1994 episode “Treehouse of Horror V” that it was too frightening and Congress would not allow it to be shown (a reference to complaints that the show was too violent), Bart showed it anyway. Season 6’s fifth installment of the cartoon’s “Treehouse of Horror” series—i.e., its Halloween episodes—was broken into three short stories. As the caretaker of Mr. Burns’s mansion, a TV- and beer-deprived Homer tries to murder his family in the first story, “The Shining.” In “Time and Punishment,” Homer time-travels (thanks to a toaster) to prehistoric times and alters the future. And in the final story, “Nightmare Cafeteria,” Principal Skinner turns students in detention into cafeteria food named after them. Luckily, though, it was all just Bart’s dream, and the Simpsons end the episode singing their own take on “One” from A Chorus Line (after being turned inside out by fog).

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