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Obama Tells Medvedev Let’s Talk After ‘My Election’ & More Open-Mic Gaffes

Obama told Medvedev they could talk more ‘after my election.’ Read about other open-mic blunders.

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John Edwards: I Feel Pretty

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In 2003 The New York Times reported that John Edwards was derided inside Bush circles as “the Breck Girl of politics,” and reporter Adam Nagourney eventually apologized for reporting the jibe, which helped popularize the Bush-campaign storyline about his opponent. Little did we know how dead-on that nickname was. While Edwards was running for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2007, a five-minute video of Edwards vainly fixing his hair—with an “I Feel Pretty” soundtrack—was posted on YouTube. This year, Edwards’s formerly loyal staffer Andrew Young released a tell-all about the candidate, explaining: “Naturally thick and lustrous, his hair was a fixation with him. He insisted on using just one kind of shampoo—HairTec Thick & Strong Shampoo for Fine, Fragile Hair”—and personally paid for his $400+ haircuts to keep them off campaign expenditure reports.

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