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Obama Tells Medvedev Let’s Talk After ‘My Election’ & More Open-Mic Gaffes

Obama told Medvedev they could talk more ‘after my election.’ Read about other open-mic blunders.

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Chuck Schumer: Boehner Is Handcuffed

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At least one staffer in Sen. Chuck Schumer’s office is probably having a very bad day. The New York senator was caught briefing colleagues on what to tell reporters during a conference call with reporters about the budget process. Apparently unaware that reporters were already on the line, Schumer ran down a set of talking points, including suggesting that Speaker John Boehner was handcuffed by Tea Party members of his caucus and calling the GOP’s proposed spending cuts extreme. “I always use the word 'extreme,'” Schumer said. “That is what the caucus instructed me to use this week.” Then the talk suddenly cut off, perhaps when someone realized the gaffe. Funny thing, though: the Democrats on the line were adamant that spending cuts were extreme and said John Boehner was being held hostage to Tea Party–backed representatives.

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