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Tom Corbett, Michele Bachmann, and More Sunday Talk

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett says there may be more Sandusky victims, Michele Bachmann champions waterboarding, Jon Huntsman accuses Rick Perry of ‘sound-bite campaigning’ and more in our Sunday Talk roundup.

11.13.11 8:54 PM ET

Are There More Penn State Victims?

As if Penn State’s sex-abuse scandal weren’t terrible enough, on Fox News Sunday, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett said more alleged victims of Jerry Sandusky may yet to have come forward. Corbett previously served as the state’s attorney general, and launched its investigation into the former Penn State assistant football coach. “In looking at other cases like this, it would not be uncommon to find other victims, because when the word gets out…then more people come forward in other investigations,” he said a day after the Nittany Lions lost their first game without Joe Paterno at the helm.

Bachmann: Bring Back Waterboarding!

On the heels of Saturday’s CBS foreign policy debate, Michele Bachmann stood behind comments that she would reinstitute waterboarding if elected. On Meet the Press, the 2012 hopeful said the president has failed to win the war in Iraq and stop terrorism—despite killing Osama bin Laden. “I want to save American lives and that’s why I want the CIA to have every interrogation tool available to them…I’m on the same side as Vice President Cheney on this issue,” she said. As for the Penn State sex-abuse scandal, Bachmann said if her children were abused, she’d find the abuser and “beat him to a pulp.”

Huntsman: Perry Does ‘Sound Bite Campaigning’

Apparently Mitt Romney isn’t the only candidate Jon Huntsman thinks panders for support. On Face the Nation, the 2012 hopeful said Rick Perry engaged in “sound-bite campaigning” when he called for a decrease in foreign aid at Saturday’s CBS debate. “The fact of the matter is we’re broke as a country and we’re going to have to look very, very carefully at foreign aid…There are some areas that I would argue are in America’s interests,” the former Utah governor said.

Corbett: ‘Adults Should Always Stand Up for Children’

Can Penn State recover from the sex-abuse scandal that rocked the university this week? On This Week Corbett said the school waited far too long before contacting law enforcement after Jerry Sandusky’s sex abuse was discovered. The Pennsylvania governor said he believed “adults should always stand up for children,” though declined to address any details of the investigation. “We would have expected law enforcement to be involved much sooner than it got involved, and as you know from newspaper reports, our office as attorney general became involved,” he said.

Where Has the President Been During Debt Talks?

Has the White House been too hands-off during debt talks in Congress? On Meet the Press, host David Gregory and Debbie Wasserman Schultz sparred over the president’s involvement—or lack thereof—in reducing the nation’s debt. “He’s laid out for the supercommittee how he believes that we can reduce our debt, do it in a balanced way, make sure that we ask more from millionaires and billionaires and balance that with cuts,” the Democratic National Committee chairwoman explained.

Did Herman Cain Get a Break?

Herman Cain might claim he’s facing character assassination in the media, but his alleged victims are facing a similar level of scrutiny, according to journalist Lauren Ashburn. On Reliable Sources, the panelists got into a heated discussion over the allegations that the 2012 hopeful sexually harassed four women. “This happens to women all the time who come forward and say ‘Hey, look, this behavior is inappropriate,’ and as soon as that happens the men go right for those women,” Ashburn said.

Priebus: The GOP Doesn’t ‘Favor’ the Rich

Do Republican policies favor the wealthiest Americans? Nope, said Reince Priebus on State of the Union. When charged with the public perception that his party only helps the rich, the Republican National Committee chairman called the perception a “red herring.” “I think that the president is doing a full time job of trying to play a game of class warfare…What the party does favor is reducing taxes on every single American out there,” he said. As for the 2012 election, Preibus isn’t naming any frontrunners yet.