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Awkward Chanukah Moments From Obama, Rick Perry, Jerry Brown, and Others

Watch Rick Perry dance a stiff hora while Arnold Schwarzenegger lights up the dance floor! Plus, see Orrin Hatch perform his own Chanukah song. Watch your back, Adam Sandler.

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Orrin Hatch

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What do Sen. Orrin Hatch and Adam Sandler have in common? They’ve each written catchy Chanukah songs. In the late 1990s, writer Jeffrey Goldberg asked Hatch—a prolific songwriter—if he’d ever composed music for the Festival of Lights. Much to Goldberg’s surprise, the senator took him up on the offer and sent him a tune. When Hatch hadn’t heard back from Goldberg about “Eight Days of Hanukkah,” he called. “Jeff, it's Orrin,” Goldberg recalled. “What do you think of the song?” “Senator Hatch,” Goldberg said, astonished by the call. “It's Christmas Eve.” “Yes, it is!” Hatch replied. “What about the song?” “Senator,” I said, “I love the song.”


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