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Awkward Chanukah Moments From Obama, Rick Perry, Jerry Brown, and Others

Watch Rick Perry dance a stiff hora while Arnold Schwarzenegger lights up the dance floor! Plus, see Orrin Hatch perform his own Chanukah song. Watch your back, Adam Sandler.

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Jerry Brown

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California Budget

Gov. Jerry Brown speaks at a news conference in Sacramento, Calif., Dec. 13, 2011 (Steve Yeater / AP Photo)

Leave it to California Gov. Jerry Brown to turn the Chanukah story into a metaphor for alternative energy. While lighting the state’s menorah this year, Brown argued that it’s imperative for California to address “the idea that we’re running out of oil.” Brown added that the “miracle” isn’t to locate more oil, but to harness the sun’s power so America can stop sending gelt “to some very dangerous characters who do not have our best interest at heart.”


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