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10 Outrageous Ron Paul Quotes

The Daily Beast collects some of Ron Paul’s strangest and most outrageous comments over the years.

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On Liberty

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In his new book Liberty Defined, Paul addresses “50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom,” one of which is the “Four Freedoms” outlined by Franklin Roosevelt in a famous 1941 speech. Roosevelt’s definition of freedoms actually threatens the United States, Paul argues, as it gives the government more power to enforce the First Amendment and leads the way for American intervention by asserting that all of these freedoms are universal and committing the United States to make sure these freedoms are upheld everywhere. “Any effort to mandate or enforce the goal of making everyone free from want and fear through government action will guarantee the destruction of the concept of personal liberty,” he writes. “Whether it’s local government or world government, and no matter the motivation, this effort can only destroy one’s right to life, liberty, and property.”

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