David Frum

Is it Terrorism?

01.13.12 3:45 PM ET

Eli Lake reports today in Newsweek on the best evidence is that it is Israel that is killing Iran's nuclear bomb-makers. 

"Patrick Clawson, the director of research at the Washington Institute for Near Policy, said the signs point to Israel.

'This sophisticated technique is uncharacteristic of the Iranian armed opposition and the Iranian government, it is characteristic of the Mossad,' he said. 'I am unaware of episodes when Americans and Europeans have done this kind of assassination. Of course, the Americans are involved in assassinations using predators, but not this kind of operationwith agents on the ground, the natural suspect is the Mossad.'

A former Mossad officer now living in Canada who goes by the pseudonym Michael Ross said the attacks bore the hallmarks of an Israeli operation. 'This tactic is not a new one for the Mossad, and worked very effectively against Egypt’s rocket program in the 1960s. During that period, the scientists involved in that project were assassinated and the program suffered immensely.'"

Andrew Sullivan and others in the blogosphere condemn these Israeli actions—if indeed they are Israel's—as terrorism

But there is another view, well expressed in Psalm 7, Verses 15-16:

 Whoever digs a hole and scoops it out 
   falls into the pit they have made. 
The trouble they cause recoils on them; 
   their violence comes down on their own heads.

These scientists were actively engaged in developing instrumentalities for genocide. They worked for a regime that promises to destroy Israel utterly. In the words of Iran's President Ahmedinejad in 2005:

"In his struggle against the World Arrogance, our dear Imam targeted the central and command base of the enemy, namely the occupying regime in Al-Qods. I have no doubt that the new wave that has started in dear Palestine and which we witness today all over the Islamic world will soon wipe this scourge of shame from the Islamic world. This can be done. 


We have to watch out for conspiracies. For more than 50 years, the World Arrogance has tried to give recognition to the existence of this fake regime [Israel] and they have make many efforts to first stabilize it and then take further steps.


 The issue of Palestine is by no means finished. The issue of Palestine will only be resolved when all of Palestine comes under Palestinian rule, when all the refugees return to their homes, and when a popular government chosen by this nation takes the affairs in its hands. Of course, those who have come to this land from far away to plunder this land have no right to participate in the decision-making process for this nation. 


I am hopeful that just as the Palestinian nation continued its struggle for the past ten years, it will continue to maintain its awareness and vigilance. This phase is going to be short-lived. If we put it behind us successfully, God willing, it will pave the way for the annihilation of the Zionist regime and it will be a downhill route."

The question for those who would condemn Israel: Must the Israelis wait until the bomb is ready? Must they wait until the bomb is used? How would it be more humane to visit retaliation upon tens of millions of Iranians after a genocide than to act decisively now to halt it?