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Michelle Goldberg’s Op-Vid Campaign 2012 on Liberal Despair (VIDEO)

Progressives say they’ve given up on Obama. That they’ve tried electoral politics and it doesn’t work. Michelle Goldberg delivers a rattling wakeup call in the latest installment of our “Op-Vid: Campaign 2012” video series.

01.17.12 6:55 AM ET

In our video series “Op-Vid: Campaign 2012,” writers, thinkers, and doers tackle issues at the heart of the presidential campaign. This month, Michelle Goldberg diagnoses a particular pathology of the left.

What is an op-vid? Opinion, without the pundits yelling. Handmade animation, without the caricatures. Essays without the text. Complex topics, without the boring.

Op-video is a new platform that features writers, thinkers, and doers that might otherwise contribute to an opinion page. In this series, we tackle the issues at the heart of the 2012 campaign.

The concept of the op-vid was created by Joe Posner, an interdisciplinary artist working at the nexus of documentary filmmaking, music, and animation.


An Op-Video Featuring Michelle Goldberg
Director: Joe Posner
Producers: Ian McAlpin and Joe Posner
Director of Photography: Ian McAlpin
Camera Operator and Gaffer: Geoffrey T. Womack
Sound Recordist: Richard Levengood
Production Assistant: Maxwell Dunfey
Animation: Joe Posner
Additional Animation: Heather Faye Kahn, Nahuel Salcedo
Music: Joe Posner and Kelly Pratt
Sound Mix: Sam Posner

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Vice President, Video: Kathy O'Hearn
Executive Producer: Susie Banikarim