Obama’s Spilled Milk Joke: Late Night Comedians Riff (Video)

Late-night hosts had a field day with Obama’s State of the Union joke. From Jon Stewart’s empathy to Stephen Colbert’s rage and even a response from Obama himself—sort of—watch the best reactions.

01.26.12 7:48 PM ET

Colbert: He’s a ‘Clown’

Another night of television ruined for Stephen Colbert. While many Americans look forward to the annual State of the Union, Colbert thinks Obama should learn some new tricks. Maybe he should learn some new jokes too, since Stephen doesn’t think the state of our union is a laughing matter, though he still manages to one-up our “clown” of a President.


The Rimshot Heard ‘Round the World

While everyone was making a fuss about the joke’s delivery, Jimmy Kimmel found gold by studying the reaction. Sen. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) was caught red-handed by the C-SPAN camera making his thoughts on the bombed joke all too clear. At least he seems wide awake and amused, which is more than we can say for Biden…


Stewart Understands

Kimmel found the spectator who couldn’t keep his hands still, and Stewart found the one who couldn’t keep her opinion hidden. From one comedian to another, however, Stewart empathizes with Obama, knowing that there’s only one thing worse than a bad reaction from the crowd. For him, this stumble hits close to home.


A Taste of Coco’s World

Jon Stewart isn’t the only comedian sympathizing with Obama’s funny faux-pas. “Welcome to my world,” quips Conan O’Brien. Seems like Team Obama could take a tip or two from Team Coco, as Conan boasts he can even find a way to make unemployment funny.


Obama: I Killed It

The team at Funny Or Die gives POTUS himself a chance to respond to all this crying over spilled milk. Obama defends himself and his speech, claiming that the “joke killed… just like I killed Osama bin Laden, in case you forgot.” He discusses his re-election and his Republican rivals, “Swinger Grimace” and “Mormon-Bot.” Keep it up, President Obama, you make a pretty convincing argument.