02.07.12 9:45 AM ET

Quiz: Who Said It, Dominique Strauss-Kahn or Gérard Depardieu?

Gérard Depardieu will portray Dominique Strauss-Kahn in a new movie. Can you tell the actor and the disgraced former IMF chief apart from their boorish quotes about women? Take le quiz.

1.     Comparing women with food, he said: “My eye will roam with equal pleasure over the face of a beautiful woman as it will over the cuts of meat displayed in a butcher’s shop window.”

2.     In a 2011 interview, he said: “For years we talk about giant pictures of orgies, but I’ve never seen anything out ... Let’s show them!”

3.     Who told a newspaper interviewer: “Yes, I love women. So what?”

4.     Discussing his reputation as a ladies’ man, he said: “I love women. And when you’re a man who loves women, everybody thinks you’re making love with them all.”

5.     Discussing marriage, he admitted: “I’ve had affairs. But I’m not the sort of man who has 10,000 affairs.”

6.     Which man claimed he was mistranslated by Time magazine when he said of American sexual mores: “I don’t understand why rape is seen as bad in this country. In [France], I’ve raped several women.”

7.     Who claimed in an interview that he could imagine being set up by “a woman ... raped in a parking lot and to whom someone promised 500,000 or a million euros in exchange for her story.”

8.     While on an airplane in 2011, he reportedly shouted to a flight attendant: “Quel beau cul”—French for “nice ass.”

9.     He told an interviewer in 2011: “I think we can learn everything from women. And I especially learnt from women who have been my lovers or my mistresses.”

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10.     Responding to claims that he is a sexist, he told a television interviewer: “Au contraire. I respect women.”


 1.     Depardieu
 2.     Strauss-Kahn
 3.     Strauss-Kahn
 4.     Depardieu
 5.     Depardieu
 6.     Depardieu
 7.     Strauss-Kahn
 8.     Strauss-Kahn
 9.     Depardieu
10.    Strauss-Kahn


10/10: Cochon!
8 or 9: Magnifique!
6 or 7: Quel savoir-faire!
4 or 5: C’est la vie!
Below 4: Tant pis!