Queen: Spend Some Money On Your Clothes Like a Proper Princess, Kate

The Queen thinks Kate’s fashion choices need some ‘minor adjustments’

03.03.12 3:53 PM ET

The Queen isn’t such a fan of Kate Middleton’s fashion sense as the rest of us, according to a report in today’s Daily Mail.

While the Queen has ‘made no secret in private conversations that she sees immense potential in the young Kate’ she also, ‘feels she needs some minor adjustments … nothing too drastic, just lengthening her hemlines a touch and encouraging her to be a little less ‘showy’ and, crucially, not play to the cameras. In short, the Queen doesn’t want Kate to become another Diana.’

The Queen is also apparently not a fan of Kate’s thrifty style. ‘There’s a danger in the Duchess being seen as always hunting out bargains,’ a source told the Mail. ‘She is, after all, a royal princess and it’s not necessarily extravagant to dress like one.’

To which one can only reply, then maybe you should have formally made her a princess, Ma'am, not a duchess.