Argie Bargey

03.06.126:31 PM ET

Morrissey Hates William and Kate

And he’s got a stitch to wear to prove it.

Morrissey hates most people, but particularly hereditary monarchs, so hopefully the Royal newlyweds won’t be too upset by the fact that the former Smith’s frontman recently performed in Argentina with a five-strong backing band wearing T-shirts bearing the slogan, “We Hate William and Kate.”

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The professional miserabilist, whose hits include, ‘The Queen is Dead’, told gig-goers in Cordoba that. “The Falklands belong to Argentina,” and told fans not to ‘blame’ the British people because it is “the government that decides.”

Morrissey joins a growing list of celebrities who are backing Argentine claims to the British-ruled islands, where Prince William is currently stationed as a search-and rescue pilot for the RAF.

Sean Penn said last week that William’s deployment to the islands was “unthinkable.”

Britain accused Argentina of a “policy of confrontation” last week and summoned one of the country’s diplomats for an official dressing-down after Buenos Aires threatened to blockade British imports.

It is thought Prince William will stay for the 30th anniversary of the Argentine invasion of the Falklands, which falls on 2 April.