The Daily Pic

Guy Goodwin at Brennan and Griffin in New York

The Daily Pic: Guy Goodwin’s new abstractions invite you to sink in.

03.09.12 1:35 AM ET

This six-foot wide, seven-inch-deep composition is by Guy Goodwin, from his new show at Brennan & Griffin gallery on New York’s Lower East Side. It’s not easy to find something new to say in abstraction, but Goodwin, a New Yorker who’s been at it for almost five decades, seems to have managed. His pillowy agglomerations of intensely colored cardboard are assembled inside forms that remind me of beds. (Or the cardboard boxes beds come in, sometimes used as housing by the homeless.) The colored shapes that float on top are like the blocky clouds in the background of some ancient video game, both goofy and a touch poignant in their vintage technophilia—a view into Super Mario’s dreams. Whatever your reading, you want to sink into these pictures.

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