Implausible Theories

Is There Any Conspiracy Jews Aren't Involved in?

03.08.12 5:40 PM ET

Anti-Semitism rots the brain, both in its original 1.0 version (Jews killed Christ); its later 2.0 upgrade (Jews form an alien race); and its 3.0 new release (Jews are responsible for the troubles of the Middle East).

Case in point: Juan Cole of the University of Michigan.

Americans are kept talking about the “threat” emanating from that country [Iran]. It isn’t a real threat. It is manufactured by the Israeli intelligence agencies and promoted by their cells in the US.

High at the top of the list of those supposed Israeli intelligence cells spreading alarm about Iran: the Saudi embassy in Washington D.C.

But once the mind begins to see Jewish conspiracies somewhere, it soon begins to see them everywhere. After all, where better for those cunning Zionists to locate their intelligence cell than inside the Saudi embassy? They're capable of anything after all...