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Damien Hirst, Warhol Reborn

The Daily Pic (London edition): Hirst gets better and better, the more he makes art about how his art sells.

03.19.12 7:30 PM ET

"For the Love of God," by Damien Hirst (Prudence Cuming Associates Ltd-Getty Images)

Really “For the Love of God” – or of Mammon? This is Damien Hirst’s famous diamond-and-platinum skull that sold (sort of) for $100 million in 2007. I’ve argued before that the God-and-death themes in the piece are much less interesting than its Mammon-and-money side. In a big Hirst profile in this week’s Newsweek, I make the claim that Hirst’s deep engagement with the market, especially over the last five years, have made him one of the most important artists of our era  – the truest heir to Warhol and his claim that the business of art can be great art, too.

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