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Announcing "Patriots"

04.03.12 7:30 PM ET

I'm delighted to report that the pre-order button for my novel, Patriots, has just gone live on Amazon and the iTunes store.

The book will be released in digital form on April 30 and as a print-to-order special from Amazon. It will be serialized in the Huffington Post over the week beginning April 23—but if you'd like to be the first on your block to have the book, I hope you will consider pre-ordering now. Here's the book synopsis:

America's first black president has just lost re-election. A new leader tries to pull the country out of a terrible recession—only to face a devilish plot from inside his own party. David Frum's darkly comic satire PATRIOTS is not only a warning about the future of American politics. It is a scorching, intimate explanation of why the U.S. political system has so badly failed the American people over the years just past.

PATRIOTS tells the story of Walter Schotzke, the aimless young heir to America's largest mustard fortune. Walter is sent by his tough-minded grandmother to work in the office of a distinguished U.S. Senator. She hopes her otherwise worthless only grandchild might find purpose, and even appreciation for his country, from political service. Perhaps the job will also help Walter overcome the tragic loss of both his parents—especially that of his famous father, a genuine American hero, whose example Walter can't ever hope to live up to.

In Washington, Walter quickly proves to be a better student of the dark side of politics than he ever was at all the boarding schools he was thrown out of. He gains his education from a farcical faculty of blowhard radio hosts, outraged protestors, think-tank experts-for-hire, shady lobbyists, internet impressiaros, and the sexy but sinister talking heads of the "Patriot News Network."

Lunching and fundraising their luxurious way through economic depression and foreign war, the characters of PATRIOTS prosper by manipulating the fears and resentments of a country in crisis. Walter is used and abused - until, inadvertently and unexpectedly, he finds himself the unlikely hero of the angriest populist movement America has ever seen.

It is not the experience Walter, or his grandmother, expected. Walter must make some tough decisions fast—leading to the novel's surprising and hilarious conclusion.