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New York Post's Schizophrenia

Tabloid Taps and Slaps Newsweek

06.11.12 10:26 AM ET

The front cover of the New York Post is devoted to a screaming scandal lifted from the pages of Newsweek.

And on one of the back pages? A dismissive review suggesting Newsweek is kinda out of it.

Geez. These people really ought to talk to each other.

The trumpeting of Newsweek’s cover story on Mary Kennedy is hardly surprising. The Rupert Murdoch tabloid loves to package other people’s reporting in World War III headlines.

“Robert Kennedy Jr.’s wife, Mary, beat him up, tried to blackmail him, killed the family dog and, finally, told a servant she needed rope for a new couch — then hanged herself with it, according to a bombshell report,” the Post piece begins.

In the eighth paragraph we learn that “the sealed, 60-page document was obtained by Kennedy historian Laurence Leamer, who reported on the contents in the new issue of Newsweek.”

Okay, that’s fair game. Magazines love to have their stories retweeted, as it were.
But I had to chuckle when I saw this verdict in a column on the media pages:

“Newsweek still believes we are British subjects. Tina Brown’s British slant is very apparent in the new edition featuring a cover story on Queen Elizabeth’s 60-year Jubilee.”

That, um, was last week’s issue.

So which is it, blokes? Bombshell report in the U.S. or royally obsessed with the Brits?

The unsigned column did note of the previous issue that “there is more here than the Jubilee.” And other U.S. media outlets have been accused of overplaying Queen Elizabeth’s celebration.

But not in the same edition that devotes its front page to a story from the very publication being criticized.

Though I guess you could say the Kennedys are our version of the royals.