8 Reported Facts About the Cruise-Holmes Divorce

The TomKat marriage has been fodder for endless tabloid rumors, from their wide age difference to Cruise jumping with joy on Oprah's couch. Now that they are divorcing, here are a few things that have been reported about the impending split of Hollywood's star couple.

07.01.12 8:45 AM ET

The Church Is Watching Katie?

The Church of Scientology denied on Sunday reports that they are following Katie Holmes after she filed divorce papers from Tom Cruise. Gary Soter, a lawyer for the Church, contacted TMZ to deny the allegations and say it is not conducting surveillance on the star. It's not the first time the religion has dealt with these accusationgs: defectors of the religion have previously reported being “hunted down” after leaving. TMZ reported that photographers who have been following Holmes have reported several “mysterious men” and vehicles around Holmes’s New York apartment.

Cruise Is Lying Low in Iceland

Tom Cruise was in Iceland filming his new film, Oblivion, when Holmes filed papers for a divorce. On Sunday morning—just 48 hours after the news hit—he was photographed taking off from the capital city's airport in a helicopter to go to the movie set. Despite the fuzzy pictures, the Daily Mail was quick to point out the star looked "miserable" and “downcast.”

They’ve Got a Solid Prenup

Though the 2006 Cruise-Holmes prenup wasn’t made public, some key details have slipped out, notably the $3 million payout Holmes reportedly receives for each year of marriage—which won’t bleed Cruise dry, who reportedly made $75 million this last year alone. Holmes is reportedly also entitled to their massive home in Montecito, Ca. The document also apparently dictates that the two will keep their individual earnings from the past five years of projects. But now for the child support: how much will Tom shell out for Suri’s famously luxe lifestyle?

Katie Has a Secret Apartment

Katie didn’t go into this divorce business unprepared. Before filing her papers, the starlet apparently either rented a New York City apartment or had a New York property deeded to her by Cruise, depending on whose reported version you believe.

Surprise Divorce

Did Katie jump on the fact that Cruise was filming abroad to file for divorce? Just a few weeks ago, Cruise told an interviewer that his greatest achievement has been “my marriage and my family,” and said to another reporter, “Nothing’s more important that my wife, my children.” The film star was shooting in Iceland when his wife of five years suddenly submitted divorce papers, leading some to speculate that the move was a surprise to Tom. While Katie’s camp has been tightlipped, Cruise’s rep has hinted that it wasn’t Tom’s idea by saying that the star is "deeply saddened” by the separation.

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The Culprit: Scientology?

Differing religions are bound to get messy in a relationship, especially when one is as controversial as Tom Cruise’s Scientology. Holmes’s papers cite “irreconcilable differences,” and TMZ’s sources say the two couldn’t see eye to eye on Suri’s involvement in the church. Holmes was raised Catholic and converted to Scientology before marrying Cruise in 2006, but she’s reportedly worried about their daughter’s involvement in the religion. Suri, who’s 6, is now old enough to participate in what a Village Voice report describes as a Scientology practice called “sec checking,” which is a security interrogation by an ethics officer of the church. The report also implies that Holmes didn’t like what she saw of the religion over the past six years and has chosen the opportune moment to pull out.

The Curse of the Threes

Tom Cruise may want to start looking for women his own age this time around. At the dawn of his third split, it seems as though the 50-year-old movie star has fallen victim to the curse of the threes. His first wife, Mimi Rogers, was 33 when they divorced, so was Nicole Kidman, and, hold on, that’s Katie Holmes’ age! Coincidence?

Katie Wants Suri All to Herself

Six-year-old fashionista Suri might end up in the sole custody of her doting mom. Holmes has reportedly requested full legal custody and “primary residential custody” of their daughter. Though the couple lives primarily in California, Katie reportedly filed for divorce in New York, which was a strategic move for gaining custody. New York courts are more likely to avoid granting joint custody in situations with feuding parents. Holmes’s attorney reiterated his client’s dedication, saying, “Katie’s primary concern remains, as it always has been, her daughter’s best interest.”