Sarah Silverman’s Message for Sheldon Adelson and More of Her Political Campaigns (Video)

They don’t call it dirty politics for nothing. WATCH Sarah Silverman, the baby-faced comedienne with the mouth of a sailor, show her support—among other things—for the Democratic cause.

07.17.12 1:30 AM ET

A Fairly Indecent Proposal

Struggling Obama campaign fundraisers, Sarah Silverman has answered your prayers. After famously f--king Matt Damon, Silverman has decided to use her feminine wiles for a loftier cause—to lure casino mogul Sheldon Adelson’s $100 million away from the Romney campaign and into Obama’s bank account with the promise of semiclothed scissoring.

Silverman Gives Them Something to Kvetch About

In September 2008, Sarah Silverman gave young Members of the Tribe another pang of Jewish guilt over not visiting their grandparents, arguing that their absence could cost Obama the election. Silverman urged the young lefty Jews of America to trek down to Boca Raton to convince their bubbes and zaydes to vote for Obama, thus ensuring that Florida’s support for Obama wouldn’t fall victim to the disaster of the hanging chad. Now if only they would call their mothers once in a while!

Thanks, Dubya!

Though she is without a doubt a solid supporter of the Democratic Party, Sarah Silverman is still a good sport. That’s why, when George W. Bush finally left office, Silverman wanted to highlight his successes as president—like that he never blew up Canada, for example, or punched a giraffe in the face.