The Number Games: Daily Beast Olympics Spectator Challenge

Newsweek and The Daily Beast will be tracking the numbers behind the London Olympics—whether you’re there or afar. From hours in traffic to the cost of a pint, join the Number Games!

The 2012 Number Games: The Olympic Spectator Challenge is an ambitious effort to track the London Olympics by the numbers. How much are spectators paying for a pint? How long did spectators wait in traffic? Each day we’ll ask our readers at the Olympics and at home about various things they’re seeing and thinking about the Games, sending the questions out over Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook in the morning U.K. time and again just about when the U.S. is waking up.

We want to know things like how much you’ve paid for a bottle of water. We’ll want to see photos of your Olympics TV setup back home. And who’s your favorite athlete (don’t tell us that one yet!).

From your responses, we'll be designing interactive charts and photo galleries to explore the information. Make sure to check back here every day for a new question and see answers of what your fellow Olympic spectators are sending in. View the answers here as they come in.