The Best Royal Parody Accounts

The Royals have remained aloof from the business of tweeting, so it's lucky there are so many imposters tweeting on their behalf. Tom Sykes examines some of the best spoof royal twitter feeds.

07.31.12 8:00 AM ET

She says: “Diamond Jubilee Queen.”
Followers: 826,000

Sample tweets:

He says: “I like to drive my Land Rover”
Followers: 1,921
Sample tweets:

He says: “Prince among royal pooches. Pet of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Snapping at Nicholas Witchell's heels.”
Folowers: 3,162
Sample tweets:

He says: “Her Majesty's Corgi (Monty). One terrorises the footmen and drives the D of E mad. Corgi Registered."

Folowers: 3,268
Sample tweets:

He says: ‘By the Grace of @Lord_G_Almighty, HRH Prince Charles of Wales. Future King, Husband to Camilla - Duchess of Cornwall, Father to William and Harry.’
Followers 185, 232
Sample tweets:

She says: “Dead Princess.”
Followers: 60,000

Sample tweets:

She says: “American divorcee with a penchant for diamonds and Princes. Destined to change British history one cocktail at a time whilst dressing better than anyone else.”
Followers 514
Sample tweets:

He says: ‘The the longest serving consort of a reigning British monarch (Liz!) & not known for ones political correctness!’

Followers: 4,026
Sample tweets:

He says: “HRH Prince Harry Windsor of Wales.”
Followers: 1,362
Sample tweets:

He says: “Prince William Windsor: Husband to Kate Middleton, second in line to the throne. The man who would be king.”
Followers: 6,613

Sample tweets: