Perking Up America

Was Ann Curry Fired For Her Style?

The former 'Today' show anchor says that NBC didn't like her flat shoes and colorful dresses.

08.08.12 8:16 PM ET

When the news broke in June that Ann Curry would be replaced as a host of Today, we had to ask: was it the shoes?  The anchor raised a few eyebrows for her fashion choices during her year-long tenure: there was a Morticia Adams moment, three separate mornings in the same floral dress, and shorter-than-short dresses with red platforms.

Now, Curry tells Ladies Home Journal about how her style was received on set. “One day I wore a multicolored dress and someone asked if I was trying to be Toucan Sam,” she said. (Our bets are on this dress.) “But I chose it because I thought, This will perk up America. I'm encouraged by my bosses to wear these ridiculously high-heeled shoes because women say, 'I love your shoes!' So if it makes women happy, I'll wear them. But I'm still going to be me... I've tried to wear clogs and flats on TV and it hasn't gone well with my bosses." Does this mean she was pressured into wearing sky-high heels?  It seems hard to believe for someone who showed up every morning in a different pair of six-inch platforms.

But Curry goes on to reveal larger insecurities, explaining that she second-guessed herself by asking, “Am I not good enough? Am I not what people need?” She continues to explain: “I don’t always understand my worth. I think it's a chronic condition for women. I'm not talking about professionally. I'm talking about in our personal lives. We constantly punish ourselves with degrading thoughts when we look at ourselves in the mirror. We allow people to treat us poorly, we allow our husbands or boyfriends to get away with things or we have relationships with girlfriends or colleagues who don't treat us well.” [Ladies’ Home Journal]