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Team Rubicon

08.14.12 8:19 PM ET


Team Rubicon unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with medical professionals to rapidly deploy emergency response teams into crisis situations.


A new paradigm in disaster response that recognizes and harnesses the skills of military veterans; offering them a chance to continue their service by helping and empowering those afflicted by disasters, and also themselves.


“Team” emphasizes the organization’s military ethos of small, cohesive units. “Rubicon” refers to the river in northeastern Italy that divided the Roman Republic from Gaul. When Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon at the head of his legions and marched on Rome, it marked a point of no return. The phrase “crossing the Rubicon” has survived in reference to any group committing itself to a risky course of action. On January 17th, 2010, despite government and large aid organization’s advice not to proceed, Team Rubicon members crossed the Artibonite River separating the Dominican Republic and Haiti, carrying crucial gear and medical supplies to the people of Port-au-Prince. Once across, they were irrevocably committed to their task. Hence the name: Team Rubicon.


President and Co-Founder: Jacob Wood
Vice-President and Co-Founder: William McNulty


Headquarters: Inglewood, CA
Ten regional teams across the United States


Team Rubicon, Inc.
1030 W. Hillcrest Blvd
Inglewood, CA 90301
Twitter: @TeamRubicon
Facebook: Team Rubicon
Flickr: Team Rubicon