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Best of Beast TV’s Democratic Convention Live Stream (VIDEO)

Beast TV went live at the Democratic National Convention—and a few stars, political and otherwise, stopped by. From Darrell Hammond’s Bill Clinton impression to Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Jerusalem, watch the best moments.

Kucinich ‘Disappointed’ by Obama’s Jobs Record

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The former Ohio congressman, long known as an independent voice within the Democratic Party, told Beast TV that he wishes the president had done more to create jobs in America.

Richard Schiff Was 'The Biden Guy’

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Back in 2008, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had so much Hollywood wattage behind them, the West Wing star decided to throw his support behind a different candidate. Watch the actor gush over the vice president on Beast TV's live DNC roundtable. Biden 2016?

Sandra Fluke's Post-Limbaugh Rise

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What's it like to go from being a shock-jock target to a celebrated DNC speaker? On Beast TV's live roundtable from Charlotte, Fluke opened up about Rush Limbaugh's name calling, and how she got in the zone for Wednesday's speech.

Villaraigosa: I Didn't Know God Was Out!

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As Dems feuded over their Jerusalem platform Wednesday, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was in the dark about the outcome until moments before he stepped on stage, he told Beast TV's live roundtable from the DNC.

Darrell Hammond Does Clinton

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The master politician impersonator is back! Watch Darrell Hammond do his famous impersonation of Bill Clinton, as well as Al Sharpton and Chris Matthews on Beast TV’s live roundtable from the DNC.

Wasserman Schultz: Jerusalem Is the Capital of Israel

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As Democrats feuded over whether their party platform should include language about Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz told Beast TV: “President Obama felt that it was important that the platform reflect his personal view that Israel has as its capital Jerusalem, and that it will remain its capital.”

Soledad: Michelle ‘Did What She Had to Do’

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Did Michelle Obama successfully woo women with her DNC speech? CNN’s Soledad O’Brien rated the first lady’s appeal to moms at Beast TV’s live roundtable from Charlotte.

A Political Wife’s Take on Mobama’s Speech

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Michelle Obama isn’t just the first lady—she’s also the bona fide first campaigner for the president. Debbie Dingell, wife of Michigan Congressman John Dingell, offered her own view of Mobama’s speech from her perspective as a political spouse.

Donaldson’s ‘One Who Got Away’

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Remember Sam Donaldson’s 1972 interview with Richard Nixon? No? That’s because it never happened, despite the veteran broadcaster’s best efforts. Watch Donaldson tell the tale of the politician “who got away.”