Old Gold

Did Helen of Troy Shop in Iraq?

The Daily Pic: Ancient fashion was a global affair.

09.11.12 4:24 PM ET

These gold earrings came from Troy, 4,400 years ago, then landed at the museum at Penn 46 years ago, and are now on their way back to Troy again - as I wrote about in the latest international issue of Newsweek. What I didn’t get to mention is that they bear a striking resemblance to jewelry of that same date found at Ur, now in Iraq, some 2,500 km away. Some archaeologists think there were itinerant goldsmiths who covered that kind of ground, but at very least it proves that globalization dates back more than a few years.  And that international fashion trends do too. Imagine Vogue published on clay tablets; the scent strips alone could break your toe.

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