Oh, Those Moderates

It's These People Who Decide Our President, Eh?

09.26.12 7:25 PM ET

Fascinating little poll came out from Survey USA exclusively of Seattle Seahawks fans, asking them if they thought the big play was an interception or a touchdown.

A plurality said interception, which got some headlines because it was Seattle fans saying it (and thus going against their team, which benefited from the shite call). But here's what caught my beady eye.

The poll asked people to identify themselves as liberal, moderate, or conservative. Interestingly, liberals and conservatives were in basic agreement that it was an interception not a completed pass: liberals by 53-31, conservatives by 52-29. But moderates came out even: pick 39, completion 38.

Honestly. Can't these people take a stand on anything? It's a good reminder that these swing voters, touted as a great Holy Grail every four years whose pulse it is so crucially important for candidates to catch and understand, are often just people who don't know much about anything or have opinions about anything.