Romney's Acute Grasp of Irony

09.28.12 5:30 PM ET

Brian Jencunas thinks people should look at Mitt's governing record, not his clearly ironic speeches before different audiences.

There is no real reason to think that Romney's comments about the 47 percent were any more sincere than the remarks he gives to evangelical conservatives, Tea Partiers, libertarians, or any other groups of people whose support he wishes to win. When Mitt Romney went to the Boca Raton fundraiser, he had one goal: make the attendees feel like they got their $50,000 worth and make them like Mitt Romney enough to give even more money. ...

Don't judge Mitt Romney by his words in Florida. Instead, judge his actions as Governor of Massachusetts. Governing is where you can see what a politician really believes, because then they are forced to make decisions between competing interest groups and competing priorities. Yes, personal ambition and political calculations will play into those decisions, but unlike the words of a speech, the actions of government have serious consequences and visible results.