Obama Supporters Mourn His Terrible Debate Performance

10.05.12 6:15 PM ET

The Huffington Post's Jon Ward catches up with some Obama supporters to judge their take on Wednesday's debate:

Turner, like all the other Obama supporters who spoke with The Huffington Post, said he was still fully behind the president. But Dan Doeppers, a retired professor at UW who knocked on doors for Obama in 2008, said he thought the debate "may have had some impact on uncommitted people."

"The president seemed under-energized, and in particular, he didn't really go on attack mode, and we were looking, we the faithful, who worked very hard for him four years ago, for that," he said. Carol Doeppers, his wife, and a former state chair for Common Cause, said she "missed [Obama's] fire in the belly."

"There wasn't that fire, and Mitt had it," she said. "We can only hope that he gets the real aggressive force behind him again. But last night was a down night." Charlene Harjo, a 55-year-old kindergarten and first grade teacher in Denver, said "Obama didn't put his dukes on."