Men's Fashion

Back Away From the Pleats!

10.11.12 3:00 PM ET

Just when I stocked up on flat front pants, the style Gods try to change course. It's a scam, I'm telling you.

[J]ust as men have finally gotten comfortable wearing the style, many menswear designers are bringing back pleated pants.

Burberry Prorsum, Calvin Klein, Dries Van Noten, and Gucci are among the labels that made pleated pants a feature of their recent runway shows. Even Prada, generally known for severely slim, flat-front pants, showed fuller pants for its Fall 2012 collection, now in stores. ...

Pleats, folds of fabric that are stitched or pressed usually starting at the waistband, can sometimes make a trouser balloon out. Fully aware of the baggage that baggy pleated pants can carry, some labels are trying to make their new pleats less conspicuous or at least less voluminous. Some have one pleat on each leg rather than double pleats, for example.