Veep Debate

The Pressure is on Biden in Kentucky

Will Biden get through the night without a gaffe, and still land a couple punches on Ryan? Or will the policy wonk prevail?

10.11.12 7:30 PM ET

Margaret and I weigh in at CNN on what Ryan and Biden need to accomplish in tonight’s vice-presidential debate.

With Pew showing “slippage” among voters under this year, Margaret advises Biden to aim his pitch directly at them:

"Millennials understand that the spending policies of the last four decades amount to "generational theft," that debt and deficits are unsustainable.

"They understand that at the current rate, the promises that have been made about Social Security and Medicare won't be available to them when they are ready to retire -- and what's worse, they will be expected to pay for the baby boomers' party in the form of higher taxes, a more sluggish economy, or both.

"That's why Paul Ryan should look at the camera and make the case that fresh thinking can save the next generation from missing out on the economic prosperity they expect. We don't have to accept diminished economic prosperity for the next several decades."

And, of course, the 27-year age difference between the 69-year-old vice president and his 42-year-old challenger should help drive that point home.

At the other podium, Biden has the heavier lift tonight, in my opinion:

"Biden is best when talking to a union hall in Ohio or Pennsylvania, but this debate will be watched by undecided swing voters across the nation. That's the audience Biden has to reach and resonate with in an effort to shift momentum away from Team Mitt and bring passion, clarity and contrast back to the Obama campaign."