Whither Go the Bros?

Do Democrats Care About Men?

10.16.12 3:30 PM ET

A friend of the blog raises the question:

We’ve always known that Mitt will win a majority of men’s votes, but now polls show the possibility, if not likelihood, that Romney wins at least half the women vote. Many liberals—and I think Bob Shrum is one of them—seem to think that all you have to do is goad a Republican into saying they’re against abortion and you’re in for a 5-10 point bump with this ladies. Polls consistently have shown women are basically split on abortion, with a margin-for-error’s worth being pro-life, so that’s plainly wrong. Romney was trailing by double digits with women before The Debate, but now he leads even after Ryan more or less admitted at the VP debate that (surprise!) a Romney Administration would be pro-life.

At the risk of sounding like a bitter-clinger: regardless of whether Obama loses the women vote and thus the election, should Dems have to do some serious soul-searching about their inability to win the dude vote? Every cycle, the GOP has lost this or that minority vote, or, as in 2008, a solid majority of women. And every cycle the great and good scold us for failing to “reach out” or “appeal” to those we lost. Which is fair!!

So is it unseemly to therefore flip it back to the Dems and ask, “Whither go the bros?”