Three Theories

Chris Christie’s Perfect Storm

10.30.12 2:44 PM ET

This morning on GMA, Christie said:

President Obama “called me last night around midnight … to ask what else could be done [and] offered any other assets that we need … I have to say the administration, the president himself, and FEMA administrator Craig Fugate have been outstanding with us so far. We have a great partnership with them, and I want to thank the president personally for his personal attention to this.”

Theories: (1) Christie knows Obama is going to win his state handily; (2) Christie hates Romney (remember that convention keynote address that barely mentioned him); (3) Christie wants Romney to lose so he can take a whack at it in 2016 or at the very least wouldn't spend much time crying if that's how things work out next week.

I'd say all three are true. The Christie Perfect Storm. Larger Sandy political fallout so far?

I don't think much. No obvious federal screw-ups. Possibility that northern Virginia (Obama) early voting will be depressed, must be made up on Election Day. The Googles aren't revealing dire headlines from New Hampshire. And I think Mitty’s little “disaster relief” events in Ohio are stupid but make little difference one way or the other.

Maybe the whole thing was overblown politically. We tend to get that way at times like these. So it'll be back to normal campaigning tomorrow, perhaps. On more substantive terms I hope none of you suffered any major inconvenience or loss, although of course there are some of you I wish less well than others, like those of you who regularly call me an idiot.