Middletons Cash In on James Bond ‘Skyfall’ Without Permission

Latest in a long line of unlicensed product promotions.

10.30.12 9:15 AM ET

Given that there are legions of British newspaper hacks who check in on the website of Kate and Pippa Middleton’s parents’ firm Party Pieces daily (yes, it’s on my bookmark bar), you might have thought that the Middletons by now would have learned their lesson about not doing anything on the site that might embarrass their royal daughter.

You’d be wrong.

For the Party Pieces website is, as far as British tabloids are concerned, the gift that just keeps giving, with a succession of blunders that allow the press to accuse the Middletons of “cashing in” on their royal connections.

They have been accused of trying to piggyback on the royal wedding and the Jubilee, they contravened the strict copyright-protection laws surrounding the Olympics, and now the Middletons have done it again, advertising unlicensed 007 merch, just days after prince Charles attended the Skyfall premiere.

A spokesman for the Broccoli family’s Eon Productions told the Daily Mail that “they were aware who owned Party Pieces,” and that the issue had been passed on to the marketing and legal department.

"It is something we take very seriously,” a spokesman told the paper.

The banner has now been removed from the website.