Not a Slate Pitch

What Would Change My Mind on Romney?

11.02.12 9:08 PM ET

To the question that dominates the comments sections I've seen of late: "Is there anything that would make you switch your vote?"


Obama had an opportunity to seize the mantle of Roosevelt -- the earlier version. He could have expended political capital in calling for the end of "too big to fail." He could be running a campaign on tax reform that goes beyond "asking the rich to pay just a bit more." He could even, as the president who speaks of the danger of climate change (and who received Bloomberg's endorsement on the issue), take a risk and call -- and publicly push -- for a carbon tax.

Alas, he did none of these things, at least in a manner that required political risk. There was a place at the center in this election -- and it is the area where the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street converge. No credible candidate (I respect Jon Huntsman a great deal, but he was never a serious candidate for the GOP nomination) spoke for these ideas.

But had Obama, he would have received my enthusiastic support.

I'm still working on my case for Romney. It should be ready by mid-day tomorrow.