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Farce as Palace Recalls Prince William Pictures Issued With Sensitive Information in Background

Royal screw-up to launch new website

Earlier today Prince William’s press team published a series of ten photos showing Prince William’s working day as a search and rescue pilot at RAF Valley. The pictures showed him engaged in tasks such as making the single bed he sleeps in at the base when he is on duty, chatting to his mates and sucking a Biro as he peered intently at a computer.

The pictures were published as part of a PR drive by William’s team to promote the young royals new website – but alas the exercise has now ended in farce after the Ministry of Defence was forced to reset user names and passwords used by its staff on computer systems which were visible in the background of the shots.

St James’s Palace has now said that, amazingly, an "administrative oversight" led to the series of 10 candid shots published before they had been cleared by the MoD.

Four of the pictures, showing the Duke at work at RAF Valley, where he is a Search and Rescue helicopter pilot, were removed from the website by St James's Palace after the MoD realised sensitive information was visible on computer screens and bulletin boards in the background of the shots.

SAC Faye Storer
SAC Faye Storer

The pictures were later re-released with the sensitive details pixellated, but the MoD had to reset the passwords "as a precaution". The Royalist has done his bit for Q&C and deleted the orignal pictures we posted earlier.

SAC Faye Storer

The Telegraph reported that the passwords which have been changed are understood to relate to unclassified websites used by the pilots to calculate the amount of fuel they need for their Sea Kings and to access information on the Civil Aviation Authority's website.

An explanation of the Duke's typical working day, published on the website, reveals that he and his crewmates like to relax by playing the computer game Call of Duty, though they must never be more than 60 seconds away from their aircraft.