HRH Japes

William's Pic of Granny On Noticeboard at Work - But What is Philip Saying?

William's grandfather is famoulsy outspoken - what's he saying in this picture?

11.21.12 12:30 PM ET

The palace got into a dreadful panic yesterday after pictures of Prince William at his RAF base were released showing details  of his co-workers logon IDs on computer screens in the background.

This prompted the Royalist to study the backgrounds a little more closely. And look what we found! This picture of the Queen and Philip pinned up on the noticeboard behind William as he has a mug of tea, next to a container of roach killer.

And, upon enlargement by the Daily Beast's photo team, we can even see that a SPEECH BUBBLE has been stuck into Philip's mouth! What is William's famously outspoken grandfather saying? I do hope the workmates of the heir to the throne are not MOCKING the MONARCH!!

Your best guesses for Phil's comment below, please.