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Justin Bieber, Gangnam-Hammer, Carly Rae Jepsen & More Viral Videos

From the Petraeus scandal’s winners and losers to a terrified red panda and Chris Christie’s Twinkies non-answer, watch our countdown of this week’s buzziest videos.

11.24.12 9:45 AM ET

Meet the Internets Newest Star, Surprised Red Panda

The Web sure loves pandas, and the species’ latest viral star hails from Japan’s Sapporo Maruyama Zoo. Watch the cub’s adorable freakout.

The Rockaways Give Thanks

Despite the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, people in Rockaway, Queens, still found reason to celebrate Thanksgiving. From heat to volunteers, watch the residents say what they’re thankful for on the holiday.

Seth Meyerss Petraeus Winners & Losers

On Saturday Night Live, Meyers broke down the winners and losers in the Petraeus-Broadwell-Kelley-Allen imbroglio. Guess where Florida landed.

Heres Carly Raes Number

Her Thanksgiving singing number, that is! The Canadian sensation performed her new single, “This Kiss,” at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Here’s some turkey, so call her maybe?

Heres My Number, Sheldon

Who says nerds can’t dance? The cast and crew of The Big Bang Theory recently treated their live studio audience to a little surprise: a flash mob to “Call Me Maybe.”

Viral Video: Dumb Ways to Die

In this maddeningly catchy, unbelievably cute singalong PSA, Melbourne (Australia) Metro warns against using “your private parts as piranha bait” or running across the tracks between train platforms.

Fox Anchor: Id Look Great on Food Stamps

Here’s a post-Thanksgiving diet you probably don’t want to try. During a discussion of Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s pledge to subsist on food stamps, The Five’s Andrea Tantaros said she’d try it, too. “Do you know how fabulous I’d look?” she said.

Bieber: This Is for All the Haters

Justin Bieber, the first winner at Sunday’s American Music Awards, started off his speech by taunting those “who thought that maybe I was just here for one or two years.” The newly-single (or not?) Biebs then thanked his mom, who doubled as his date.

Christie Wont Talk About Twinkies

It’s never a dull press conference when New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s behind the podium. In response to a question about Hostess going out of business, Christie wryly refused to answer. “I’m on Saturday Night Live enough,” he said. “This is a setup!”

When ‘Gangnam’ Met ‘Hammer Time’

It’s official: “Gangnam Style” is never going away. At the American Music Awards on Sunday, Psy and MC Hammer joined forces for a finale that was just too legit to quit.