Campaigns Are Not Potato Chips

11.28.12 2:20 PM ET

The Monkey Cage's Joshua Tucker simultaneously makes a great joke (via his headline) and demolishes the popular talking point about political campaigns costing less than Americans spend on potato chips.

  • Potatoes do not have to spend time or effort soliciting donations so they can be converted to potato chips.
  • Once purchased, people rarely lobby potato chips for favors in enacting preferential legislation.
  • Potato chips rarely, if ever, face trade-offs between trying to please the individual who bought them, their constituents, and the country at large. They can just simply be oh-so-tasty.
  • Anyone in the United States is allowed to buy potato chips, not just citizens. Indeed, even children and foreigners can purchase potato chips.
  • Potato chips are accessible to all citizens, rich and poor alike (with the possible exception of people dealing with cholesterol issues).
  • Sheldon Adelson doesn’t purchase $15 million worth of potato chips for his own personal use (at least I hope not).