Hair and Heir Walkabout


Kate: I'm Not Sure About My New Bangs

Hair she is

Kate might be having doubts about her new haircut already.

On a trip to Cambridge today, she told a crowd member she was 'not sure' about her new look.

Meanwhile William joked that his academically-challenged brother Harry had visited Cambridge five years previously and said that was 'the closest he had ever got to university'.

Of course, if a city is good enough to give you its name, it seems only decent to pay it a visit.

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And today William and Kate finally made their visit to the town of Cambridge, famous for its university, to be greeted by hordes of screaming fans more appropriate to visits by rock stars than royalty.

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Kate wore a cream MaxMara coat but all the attention was on her new haircut, debuted last night, which features a fringe.

The bangs blew about in the wind, leading Kate to tell one member of the crowd she was having second thoughts about the chop of her glossy locks.

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The Daily Mail has a reporter in the crowd who brings us the following details

Spectator Joanne Baldwin, 30, spoke to the Duchess during the walkabout. "I told her I loved her new hair style," she said. 

'She said: "I'm not sure about it. It's a bit windy today." I said don't worry, it looks lovely.'

Kate met a seven month old baby who was born on the anniversary of her wedding - April 29.

Mother Tessa Davies said: 'She said how cute he was. He was due on their first wedding anniversary. His name is James William - the William was named after Prince William. I told her that and she said that was wonderful.'

She added: 'I wrote to Prince William and Kate to congratulate them on their wedding anniversary and told them he was due on that date. I got a lovely letter back saying how pleased they were.'

Onlookler Sarah Wood, a student at St John's college, who was holding James, said: 'She said 'hello cute little man''.

Kate spotted another baby, three and a half months Zachary Tiger Sargent, who was wearing a white romper suit. Mum Laura said: 'She asked what his name was and how old he was and shook his hand. She seemed very interested in him.'