The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for Dec. 1, 2012

From the end of the war on drugs to a Republican’s exit from the right, The Daily Beast picks the best post-election journalism from around the Web this week.

12.01.12 9:45 AM ET

‘The Truce on Drugs’
Benjamin Wallace-Wells, New York

From the marijuana growers of Humboldt County to the narcotics cops of Baltimore, from the voters of Colorado and Washington to the governments of Mexico and Central America, a negotiated surrender is being implemented in the war on drugs. But will it be enough to end the fighting?

‘Revenge of the Reality-Based Community’
Bruce Bartlett, The American Conservative

My life on the Republican right—and how I saw it all go wrong.

‘The Insourcing Boom’
Charles Fishman, The Atlantic

After years of offshore production, General Electric is moving much of its far-flung appliance-manufacturing operations back home. It is not alone. An exploration of the startling, sustainable, just-getting-started return of industry to the United States.

‘Loving a Child on the Fringe’
Cristina Nehring, Slate

A terrified single mother falls in love with her Down-syndrome daughter.

How the American Moses became America’s first spiritual manager in the wilderness of Scripture-infused capitalism.

‘The Salman Rushdie Case’
Zoë Heller, The New York Review of Books

The world is as large and as wide as it ever was; it’s just Rushdie who got small.

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