Must Reads

The Independent Rundown, December 5

The day’s essential reads for independents and centrists.

12.05.12 10:51 PM ET

Independent Nation gives you the day’s 5 essential reads for independents and centrists:

1. “George W. Bush to Republicans: Embrace Immigration,” at The Daily Beast.
The former president devoted his second major policy speech since leaving office to immigration reform. It was a rebuke to Romney, says John Avlon.

2. “Sheldon Adelson: ‘I’m Basically a Social Liberal,’” at The Wall Street Journal.
So said the casino magnate in a three-hour interview.

3. “Dave Brubeck Was Jazz’s Greatest Centrist,” at The Daily Beast.
Take five – hits from the Brubeck catalog, that is. By Matt DeLuca.

4. “Montgomery Burns Explains the Fiscal Cliff,” at Slate.
Because seemingly no politician can.

5. “How the Coastline Became a Place to Put the Poor,” in The New York Times.
Why were the Rockaways devastated by Sandy? Ask Robert Moses.  

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