If Only I Were Kidding

Syrian Rebels Demanding $50M Ransom in Exchange for Not Executing a Journalist

12.13.12 1:09 PM ET


The captors of a journalist in Syria are threatening to execute her tomorrow (13 December) unless their demands for a $50m ransom are met.

Anhar Kochneva, a reporter with Russian and Ukrainian dual nationality, was kidnapped by the Free Syrian Army (FSA) near the city of Homs at the beginning of October. She was said to be on assignment for several Russian media outlets.

In a video released on 7 November, she appealed to the embassies of Ukraine and Russia, as well as the Syrian government, to meet the demands of her kidnappers.

In a second video, released on 28 November, she made a short statement in Arabic, as above, in which she says that her reason for being in Syria was to act as a translator for "Russian intelligence."

H/T Kapil Komireddi