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Canadian Couple Going Broke Because of 'Matrix'-Based Income Tax Dodge

01.08.13 8:15 PM ET

I'm probably getting trolled by the Canadian Onion, but whatever. From the National Post:

Clarke Webster, a 63-year-old Ottawa dentist and grandfather, admitted to failing to declare income from his dental practice over a six-year period beginning in 2004, the same year he became a follower of B.C. man Russ Porisky and his Paradigm tax evasion scheme. His wife failed to declare income from her position as his office manager over a similar, five-year period.

Both renounced their beliefs Monday in the “spurious” Paradigm scheme — declaring it preposterous, contemptuous of the rule of law and aimed solely at evading taxes — after pleading guilty to tax evasion. Porisky was the brains behind Paradigm Education Group, which teaches followers that taxes are unconstitutional and that taxing a human being’s labour is a confiscation of property and, therefore, against the Canadian Bill of Rights.

Through books, pamphlets, CDs, seminars and the Internet, the group taught that the federal government set up a parallel legal system in order to overcome the constitutional problems with taxation. Much like in the movie The Matrix, citizens “awaken” to the fact that this parallel taxation system was created and learn how to withdraw from it and declare no tax owing.