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The EU's New Mideast Peace Plan

01.14.13 2:00 PM ET

"No longer will Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz be able to compare Israel favorably to Europe...No longer can Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu engage in wordplay about growth and employment."
--Haaretz's Nehemia Shtrasler takes the government to task for the enormous budget deficit revealed yesterday.

  • EU working on new Mideast peace plan - British, French FMs preparing plan to restart talks between Israel, Palestinians to be presented in March. 'It will drive us into a corner,' say Israeli officials. (Yedioth/Ynet)
  • Member of Israel's higher education council resigns over West Bank university recognition - In letter to Education Minister Sa'ar, Ora Limor says council's accreditation of Ariel University shows it is 'political tool' instead of being a barrier between politics and higher education system. (Haaretz+)
  • Beersheba country club forbids Bedouin from praying - Heated argument erupts when Rahat resident told by gym manager he can't pray on grounds, should 'go to Ahmad Tibi.' (Ynet)
  • Palestinian prime minister urges Arabs to pay pledged aid - Fayyad tells Arab League members financial crisis could lead to the disintegration of Palestinian Authority; says tax rebates frozen by Israel amount to 1/3 monthly operating costs. (Agencies, Ynet)
  • Powell says Hagel 'doesn't have to agree with Israel on everything' - Former U.S. Secretary of state defends Obama's choice for Defense Secretary; says he is a 'very strong supporter of Israel,' but should have said 'Israeli lobby,' not 'Jewish lobby.' (Ynet)

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