Video Art

Dances of Death

The Daily Pic: Mark Tribe and Chelsea Knight compare choreography and assault strategies.

01.14.13 11:47 PM ET

These are two stills from a video installation called “Posse Comitatus” by Mark Tribe and Chelsea Knight, on view since the weekend at Momenta Art in Bushwick. Momenta is participating in “Brooklyn/Montreal”, an exchange between galleries in the two cities, and this piece is part of the Brooklyn component. Tribe and Knight documented the activities of a survivalist paramilitary “club” in upstate New York, and also commissioned and taped a work of modern dance built around that footage. Videos of both are on view in the installation, where warfare and dance come off as surprisingly similar: They’re about rigor and training and craft, as well as the extreme artifice of rule-bound play. The guys tramping through snow in their camo are already involved in a dance, whether they know it or not. They might as well be in tutus.

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