LaPierre's New Low

01.15.13 4:02 PM ET

It's hard even to know what to say about this one. John Fugelsang, hosting Viewpoint these days on Current until the show runs its course, had a commentary last night that is just mind blowing.

Remember how back in December, Wayne LaPierre blamed shooting like Newtown on our violent culture--video games, Natural Born Killers? For example:

And here's another dirty little truth that the media try their best to conceal: There exists in this country a callous, corrupt and corrupting shadow industry that sells, and sows, violence against its own people.

Through vicious, violent video games with names like Bulletstorm, Grand Theft Auto, Mortal Kombat and Splatterhouse. And here's one: it's called Kindergarten Killers. It's been online for 10 years.

Pretty clear statement. So what the NRA release this week? Fugelsang:

Well now, just in time for the one month anniversary of that horrible, awful day in Newtown, Conn., the NRA has released a new shooting app that enables users to download NRA hypocrisy right onto their iPhones.

“NRA: Practice Range” is a video game about guns. It enables people ages 4 and up to shoot at coffin-shaped targets, where bull’s-eyes are where the human brain and heart should be. Now, for $0.99 more, users can upgrade to an MK11 sniper rifle — ages 4 and up.

Unreal. It's times like this I wish I believed in hell.