It's No Longer 1850, Bro

Rand Paul and Nullification

01.17.13 6:57 PM ET


No, Senator Paul, we do not nullify things in this country. I know Tom Woods is an intriguing writer, and I too love my liberty, but this is no longer the antebellum era.

“In this bill we will nullify anything the president does that smacks of legislation,” the Republican Senator from Kentucky said Wednesday. “And there are several of the executive orders that appear as if he’s writing new law. That cannot happen.”

“I’m afraid that President Obama may have this ‘king complex’ sort of developing, and we’re going to make sure it doesn’t happen,” Paul said.

Paul is the first prominent Republican to use the term “nullification” in reference to Obama’s executive action, but he’s not the first to try to stop them. Wyoming lawmakers threatened to pass legislation to stop federal “gun grabbers” last week, before the president had even announced his plans. Lawmakers and law enforcement officers in other states, from Tennessee to Oregon and beyond, have discussed similar plans.