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Fans, Floormats and Shoes: What Will and Kate Got Given in 2012

01.18.13 10:36 AM ET

Note to potential royal gift givers: William and Kate don’t need any more woven palm floor mats. On their trip last year to Tuvalu, they were given no less than eight of the items by enthusiastic locals wanting to present their royal highnesses with a gift.

The information comes from a list published today of all the gifts that William and Kate received on their official overseas tours in 2012. As well as the numerous woven palm floor mats, they also received several woven fans of the type Kate was often seen cooling herself with on tour, a pair of bamboo flutes for a fan in the Solomon Islands, a bottle of chilli sauce from a Malaysian well-wisher, a twin set of South Sea pearls from the wife of the Prime Minister of Malaysia and six pairs of shoes from the Queen of Malaysia.

And, while the rest of us are sometimes guilty of sneaking out of a hotel with a bathrobe we ‘accidentally’ packed in our case, such mistakes are not necessary for Will and Kate who can now pad around their home in their very own set of matching bathrobes, a gift from Raffles hotel in Singapore.